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Soup of the day

Served with a bread roll and butter

Prawn Cocktail

Succulent North Atlantic prawns, served on a bed of fresh lettuce with seafood sauce, lemon, brown bread and butter

Deep Fried Golden Scampi

Served with salad garnish, fresh lemons and tartare sauce



Crispy Salads

Selected Prime Fillet of Cod, Haddock

Prime fish fillet served with mixed salad

North Atlantic Prawn Salad

Generous portion of prawns resting on a bed of fresh salad, served with seafood sauce and lemon

Tuna Salad



Freshly Cut Sandwiches

Filled to the brim in a choice of brown or white bread and small chips

North Atlantic Prawn

With mixed salad, cream cocktail sauce and lemon


With chopped onion, mayonnaise and salad


With chopped onion or tomato



Clems Traditional Chip Shop Favourites

(All served with chipped potatoes)

Jumbo Sausage Deep Fried in Crispy Batter

Deep Fried Sausage

Golden Deep Fried Spam Fritter

Savoury Corned Beef or Cheese Pattie in Crispy Golden Crumbs

Deep Fried Sausage with Egg

Fish Fillet & Chips



Childrens Menu (Under 12’s)

Burger & Chips

Sausage & Chips

Chicken Burger & Chips

Turkey Dinosaur & Chips

Clems Fish Bites & Chips

Chicken Nuggets & Chips


Fish Dishes

Select Prime Fillet of Cod or Haddock

North Atlantic Cod Fillet served with a salad garnish and lemon

Cod and Chips

Prime fillet of selected North Atlantic cod served with chipped potatoes

Haddock and Chips(small, medium & large)

Prime Scottish filleted haddock served with chipped potatoes and lemons

Deep Fried Scottish Plaice

Served with salad garnish, chipped potatoes and lemon wedges

Deep Fried Lemon Sole

Served with salad garnish, chipped potatoes and lemon wedges

Premium Quality Deep Fried Whitby Scampi

Breaded scampi, served with salad garnish, lemon wedges and chipped potatoes

Clem’s Fish Pattie and Chips

Flaked fish ‘sandwiched’ in two finely sliced pieces of potato, fried in our crispy batter with chipped potatoes

Fish Bites

Served with chipped potatoes

Clem’s Famous Homemade Fishcakes (Two)

Flaked fish, creamed potatoes, Clem’s seasoning and cooked with or without batter, served with chipped potatoes


Non Fish Dishes

Golden Fried Chicken Breast

In breadcrumbs or crispy batter

Served with chipped potatoes and salad garnish

Deep Fried Chicken Kiev

Served with crunchy salad or chipped potatoes

Deep Fried Crispy Battered Chicken Nuggets

Served with chipped potatoes

Deep Fried Chicken Burger

Served in a bread roll, filled with crunchy salad and chipped potatoes

‘The Bishop Burger’

Traditionally made beef burger served with salad in a bread roll with chipped potatoes

Delicious Steak, Chicken or Mince Pie

Served with chipped potatoes and optional rich gravy

Smokey and Chips

Served with chipped potatoes

Gammon Steak

Served with chipped potatoes, egg or pineapple ring




Chipped Potatoes

Pineapple Rings

Peas, Beans, Curry Sauce and Gravy


Bread and Butter (white or brown)

‘Cheesy’ Chips

Bread Roll

Garlic Sauce

Sauces (Tomato, Brown, Tartare, Mayo or Salad Cream)

Onion Rings




Sponge with custard

Ice Cream Delight

Choice of ice cream served with a selection of toppings

‘ Chocolate, Strawberry, Maple, Butterscotch, Smarties etc.’



Drinks Selection

Tea (Pot for one, two or three)

Freshly Ground Coffee



Soft Drinks




Squash (Orange or Blackcurrant)

Fresh Orange Juice



Clems Bar

Clems Wines

Our wines have been carefully selected representing excellent value, it comes with only the highest recommendation

Chilled dry white

Chilled sweet white

Full bodied red

A large selection of bottled lager & beers:

Stella, Fosters Ice, Carling and Cider